We believe in finding the 'fun' in 'fundamental'. Music is beautiful. It is to be enjoyed and never endured. Here at Core Studios Sydney, we believe in students finding their own joy when it comes to music. Classes should always be fun and attractive. While perfecting a talent requires hard work, the reward is so worth it. 

We believe in the simple. A good teacher is one who has the ability to simplify the complex. We believe in taking the time to teach each student the fundamentals of music. All of our lessons ensure that our classes are easy to understand. Our goal is for all of our students to know that they can achieve anything.

We believe in your needs. We want to know your goals. Everyone is different. At Core Studios Sydney, we recognise that we are all at varying levels and want to achieve different things. Our teachers are always thinking about how we can partner with you to achieve all that you aim for.

We believe in being flexible. Everyone's timetable is different. We believe in scheduling our classes to your convenience. We can always make it work.

We believe in the individual. You are more than capable to achieve whatever you dream of. Our teachers will always build into the confidence of a student. We always believe the best in you.


Julie Woo