Julie started teaching piano to my child and my niece 6 months ago. Kids are loving piano lessons, it’s something they look forward to every week. Julie is excellent with kids and knows how to connect with them and bring out their best. Her style is gentle and encouraging and I love that she uses different teaching techniques to suit individual needs. We are very happy with Julie and highly recommend her.
— E, Tao
Julie has been teaching my 6 year old daughter to play the piano for one year. During this time, I have found her to have a relaxed and fun approach to the lessons, whilst still endeavoring to encourage my child to aim for excellence.

There have been times where my daughter has been extremely discouraged or refused to practice; however, after a lesson with Julie she resumes with enthusiasm and appears to enjoy the piano again. The feedback from other friends, and my experience with Julie is that she is EXCELLENT with children and has a very good relationship with them, whilst making learning piano an enjoyable experience for them.

Julie is very flexible as she is comes to your home, and is willing to work with the parent to ensure that there are make up classes for missed lessons. Julie is also willing to research and improve her teaching style and methods, to achieve the best outcome and ensure a child develops foundations that will set them up to play piano for the long haul.
— P, Srikanthan
I am very pleased with your music school and have found the teachers are knowledgeable, caring and engaging. I have found them and you to be professional and friendly. As a busy working parent, I needed a reliable home based music teaching service and your school has been an excellent choice.
— S, Raghupathi
Miss Julie is an inspiring teacher. She has been teaching my daughter the piano for 4 years, in that time my daughter has learnt to play so we she has started doing her piano exams. Miss Julie strives to find each child’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths to excel them forward. Miss Julie has a great relationship with my daughter and with us so her progress is openly and regularly discussed and feedback is mutually shared.
— G, Warner
My 9-year old son has been taking private piano lessons with Miss Julie for a few years, and it has been very nice seeing him progressing in his piano playing! Julie is knowledgeable, energetic and a fun teacher. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who wants to teach their children he piano.
— N, Farrah