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Music lessons for all ages and levels of experience!

All lessons are designed to suit your timetable. Core Studios Sydney offers private tuition in the studio or at the comfort of your own home, at your preference. We understand that students and families have busy week to week schedules, and we aim to provide an experience that can adapt to your current lifestyle. 

Core Studios Sydney offers a wide range of music programs for all levels of experience. Whether you're looking to enrol your toddler for music expression sessions, or seeking private one on one lessons we have a class for you. 

β€œOur Kids are loving piano lessons, it’s something they look forward to every week. Julie is excellent with kids and knows how to connect with them and bring out their best. Her style is gentle and encouraging and I love that she uses different teaching techniques to suit individual needs. We are very happy with Julie and highly recommend her. β€

β€” E, Tao



Every year in December, we host an event which celebrates the dedication and achievement of our students. This is an awesome opportunity for the students to develop their confidence in performing to an audience.

Class Options


Private ONE on ONE tuition

Classes are run in the studio or at your home. CSS provides music tuition for Piano, Guitar and Vocals. Our experienced music teachers invest lesson time working on each students personal musical development. We aim to support your musical goals from completing music examinations, leisurely play to professional performance.

Classes can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour long. 


GROUP lessons

There are many benefits to learning music in a group. Our lessons aim to master musical techniques, enhance listening skills, provide performance opportunity, expand your creativity and teach ensemble practice. These advantages are found in the content that can be taught in this setting.

CSS has classes available for all ages and levels from preschool to adult learning.

1 HOUR classes / Available for piano, guitar & vocals / MAX 6 students per class.




Music Expression Sessions

These classes are catered to students under the age of 4. Exposure to music at a young age comes with many benefits. Science shows that there is a significant growth in a child's cognitive, social, emotional and physical development when they have access to music training. Our classes allow young students to feel free to be expressed in these sessions. Coming soon!